FlutterFlow - Build Flutter Apps Visually.

At Google.io 2021, One of the talks was about a new platform called flutterflow.io so let's discuss flutterflow.

What is FlutterFlow?

A drag-and-drop Flutter application builder that supports easy integration with Firebase. You can download the generated Flutter code and also deploy your app using CI/CD.

This is not a tool for export design into dart code like Adobe XD plugin for flutter.

Can we connect with the backend?

  • It supports firebase as a backend with a free plan.
  • Easily configure firebase service using flutterflow console. Upload configuration json data of googleservices to the app.
  • API call is also supported by the platform on an upgraded plan.

Is Auth service available?

Yes!! it is

  • We can access auth services using the firebase authentication service.

Other Features

  • Can be used prebuild components from resources and customize components as per our requirements.
  • Deployment can be done by CI/CD method CodeMagic.
  • GitHub integration.
  • Copying code of components as well as pages.
  • Navigation through different pages is simply by pointing pages from on tap or other methods.
  • Dynamic contents possible through connections between the app and firebase.

Thank you.

Many detailed articles of FlutterFlow are coming soon.😊

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